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Spanish SOLO is the most effective, engaging, and beautiful Spanish course available for the Apple iPad.

Learn Spanish with step-by-step explanations and examples in your native language.

Other products just throw you into drills and make you figure things out. We take a different approach and explain concepts in a friendly, relaxed, easy-to-understand way.

Personal Coach

Sofía is your personal coach. She helps you in every lesson and teaches new concepts in your native language.

She also provides feedback, lets you know when your answers are close but not quite correct, and updates you on your progress through the course.

Immersive Story

Follow the adventures of John Daniels, a young American, as he moves to Buenos Aires to work and improve his Spanish.

Watch as he meets new people, explores new places, and learns about different cultures.

Focus on Conversation

Start speaking immediately. Listen to high quality audio from native Spanish-speakers and then practice with our advanced speech recognition.

Learn useful Spanish, not silly made-up phrases, and then try it in the real world with the confidence you gain from using Spanish SOLO.

Speech Recognition

SOLO Language uses a custom-designed, advanced speech recognition engine.

Many activities can be completed by voice alone, and the recognition is phenomenal.

The smooth push-to-talk interface puts you in complete control, so you can achieve great results every time.

Diverse Lessons

Every lesson in Spanish SOLO is different.

Some are more focused on vocabulary, while others focus on grammar.

Yet others are mini-lessons that expand on vocabulary or core concepts.

The diversity keeps things fresh and takes the monotony out of learning a new language.

Experience the Culture

Culture is a critical part of learning any language. You can’t truly master a new language unless you gain an understanding and knowledge of the cultures that speak it.

Take a fascinating journey through the Spanish-speaking world and learn about how customs, traditions, and history influence the language.

Advanced Features & Learning Support

SOLO Language uses proven methods and advanced technology to make learning easy and fun.

Conversational & Practical

Learn useful words and phrases like greetings, introductions, and more.

Learn Anywhere

Download complete lessons and improve your Spanish skills whenever you want, wherever you like.

Clear Explanations

Watch presentations that explain new concepts with examples and illustrations.

Learn More, Earn More

Earn Solos (our in-app currency) based on your performance. Use Solos to buy more lessons.

High-Quality Audio

Listen to examples and feedback in high-quality audio, recorded by native speakers.


Learn about the culture as you learn the language.

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Spanish SOLO

The best Spanish course available for the iPad.

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